Since kindergarten we are told to work with others in groups on an assignment. As i got older, in my junior high i started wondering why i should work with others on an assignment that i can do on my own in less time than with others some of which are not really interested in... Continue Reading →



Ever since I was like 14 years old I had this goal of becoming a millionaire in my later 20's, but unfortunately for me that won't be possible because I did not start early. If you're in your 20's or you still have a couple years for you to turn 20, then lucky you! Starting... Continue Reading →

Tell Me A Love Story And I Will Tell You The Ending_

"I Swear Am Done With Love." Those were my words after my first break up. And how stupid was I to think that was the end. I've read so many love stories most of which have heart breaking endings, started to think love was just a game in the sense that every game has a beginning and an ending. Play it well and you might not end up heartbroken. I know it is crazy some may say "you haven't met your soulmate yet" and "you will change your mind after you've meet the right one" blah blah. I do not know much about love though, I know one or couple things about it

Should You Become a Photographer? [6 Photographers’ Honest Opinions about Photography in their Country]

Madara Parma

These days it feels like every second person buys a DSLR and creates their own Facebook Photography Page. This is why every day it gets harder to get into photography business and get actually paid for the work you do. At times it can be very hard to tell an amateur apart from a semi-professional. No wonder why people expect young photographers to do their work for free. What they don’t understand is that every professional once was an amateur so the question is – how to break free from being seen as an amateur and to become a full-time photographer who can pay bills with an actual money instead of just receiving a permission to use pictures.

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Why Are Extracurricular Activities Shunned By Learners In Zambian Schools

What are extracurricular activities? According to Wikipedia, Extracurricular or Extra Academic Activity ( EAA ) are those that fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of school or university education, performed by students . Extracurricular activities exist for all students. And generally, volunteer activities aren't always extracurricular activities. The word “extracurricular” can be broken... Continue Reading →

How To Overcome Facebook Addiction

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, but what happens when you become addicted to using it even when you are not really doing anything online but you keep on scrolling endlessly. Facebook is said to bring the world closer together. I'm one person that had struggled with... Continue Reading →

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